Website Writing

Website writing is very important. Why?

Because –

The Web is a wonderful communication tool. It has enabled anyone with an internet connection to find almost endless useful information.

However –

Good website writing will help establish you as a authority on your subject.

The Web is a terrible communication tool. It has enabled anyone with an internet connection to find almost endless useless information.

The good news is that most web surfers realise that there’s lots of useless information out there and selectively choose what to remember and use. If you need help building a website or want information about how to make a website have a look at there two pages that give plenty of information and talk about using Site Build It to make your website.

Writing Website Content

But, you, as someone who’s writing for the web (that’s why you are reading this page, isn’t it?) need to help them see that your content is useful rather than useless.

How do you do that?

By writing good website content. This page about writing for websites gives more useful information. Most of the information on the web is still in a visual form. It's mainly as text, pictures or video (moving pictures). Some might be as just audio, podcasts or music.

But this site’s about writing, so that’s what I can help you with - with website writing. Which is good – as text is still the main way information is stored and accessed on the Web.

Web writing includes:

Language on Websites

As with all writing, the content is the most important part, but how you use words and grammar will be noticed by your readers. So to be successful, at web writing, your language usage has to be good.

Website Presentation

The presentation, how your site, article or blog post looks, will also affect how people understand and remember your content.

Web content should be clean and classy. Most web surfers will be put off by flashing banners, bright coloured backgrounds and strangely coloured fonts. Think of a successful web site, it'll, more than likely, be simple and clear. With a limited number of colours and fonts used. For example, look at Google. They have taken minimal to the extreme on the web.

Unfortunately you don’t have a brand like Google, so you might need a bit more text on your site to persuade your visitors you do really know what you’re talking about.

How to Make a Good Webpage

So in order, starting with the most important, the things good websites need are:

This shouldn’t be difficult, but many websites fail with at least one of the above. And while the first is defiantly more important you can’t have a good site without all three.

There are plenty of tips and techniques to help with writing good website content in my page about website writing techniques. Have a look at these and they might be able to help you. There's also a page about writing tips for your website.

But remember that your website isn’t a book. Most books, even popular ones, will only ever be read by a relatively small number of people. Your website is accessible to anyone with a computer (tablet, smartphone, etc.) who has internet access, which is probably most of them. It needs to be perfect, if all those millions of people could possibly visit your site today, tomorrow or next week.

While they all might have slightly different ideas about what good content is and what good presentation is. If they understand English they'll be able to tell that your language usage is right or wrong. Remember to proofread and edit your web pages before they go live.

If you're considering using a website editor to make your webpage for you read this information and see if I can suggest a better way. It'll only take a few minutes to read this page, but could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

If you don’t have the time or would just like someone to double check for you I can proofread your website writing (the contents of your website). See my page about my proofreading service for information and submitting your documents. If you've any questions about my site or website writing you can also ask them there. I also offer a free trial for first time users of my service.

Alternatively you can visit the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page where I’m happy to answer your questions and offer advice.

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